What’s the difference between Medication Review Services and ADAPT?

This program is an abridged version of just one of the modules of the comprehensive ADAPT program.

ADAPTMedication Review Services
A comprehensive practice change program that perfects your expertise in the entire spectrum of skills required for effective medication management and patient-centred care A focused CE program that targets the skill set required to deliver effective medication review services.
Prepares pharmacists for range of expanded scope activities (including prescribing) and reimbursable professional services Prepares pharmacists for reimbursable medication review services
Designed for pharmacists in any practice setting Designed for community pharmacists
Peer-based group learning with groups of pharmacists from across the country, supported by coaches & mentors Self directed program; no instructors or classmates
Assessment of performance, knowledge and skills by peers, instructors and other health providers Self assessment of knowledge and skills
Follows set schedule; lasts for 19-22 weeks Self directed; complete at your own pace
100 hours of accredited learning 8 hours of accredited learning
Required in-practice activities Optional in-practice activities


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