As a CDHA member, how can I find out if I registered for a CPS password?

Click here and enter your email address.

  • If you already created a password, the system will tell you that there is already an account with this email address. If you are unsure of your password, click on Forgot your username and/or password? and follow the steps.
  • If it asks you to Create an account, this confirms that you have not created a password. DO NOT create an account through this method as it will not give you access to the CPS app.
    • Click here, log in to your CDHA account if you aren't logged in already, and then follow the steps to create a CPS password.

Once you have your password, download RxTx from your iOS/Android App store. To log in to the app, use the email that CDHA has on file for you, and the password you just created.

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