e-Therapeutics Highlights Pop Up Blocker

If nothing happens after clicking on the "Earn CEU", "Earn MainPro Credit" or "Userful Info" button on your e-Therapeutics Highlights, it is because your browser's Pop-up blocker blocked the self assessment from being launched.

Do you see a message somewhere on your browser stating that it's blocking your pop-up when you click on the button? If so, please select "always allow" and then press the button again.

If you are unsure how to allow pop ups on your browser, here are steps on the 4 most common browsers:

Chrome - Click here
Internet Explorer - Click here
Firefox - Click here
Safari - Click here

If you are using an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad, unfortunately, Safari does not give you the option to "Always allow" pop ups from specific sites like web based browsers (ie Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc). The only way to allow the self assessment to launch on your iPhone/iPad would be to disable your pop up blocker through your Safari settings. Unless you are OK with disabling pop-ups on your Safari browser, we recommend completing your e-Therapeutic Highlights through a web browser other than Safari.

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